10 Best Hardness Test Kit Water Softener Top Picks

Would you like some assistance selecting a hardness test kit water softener? We ranked them based on expert reviews. Here are the top ranked hardness test kit water softeners, along with those that sell well.

Don't know what best hardness test kit water softener to buy? As we have already gone through the hardness test kit water softener research process, we understand this problem.

Our comprehensive hardness test kit water softener list includes the best hardness test kit water softeners available on the market today. Several hours of research and combining all of the current models lead to the top hardness test kit water softener of 2021. Here are our rankings!

10 Best hardness test kit water softener Editor Recommended:

Buyer's Guide of Best hardness test kit water softener

SaleBestseller No. 1
Premium Water Hardness Test Kit | Fast and...
  • 💧 QUICK AND ACCURATE - Save time and get accurate test results within seconds. Simply dip the strip into the water and compare it to the large color chart on the bottle. No need to visit a store or wait for someone else to test the quality of your water. Enjoy consistently accurate and reliable results whenever you need them.
  • 💧 EASY TO READ RESULTS - The oversized color chart makes reading your results effortless. Compare your results from red to green, with values of 0-25 GPG and 0-425 PPM.
  • 💧 Varify FreshSeal (EXTENDED SHELF LIFE) - This kit includes a ready to use bottle and two separately sealed pouches of 50 strips. Simply empty the refill pouch into the bottle once the initial strips are used up. Test confidently knowing that your strips are sealed for guaranteed freshness and reliability.
  • 💧 24/7 DEDICATED SUPPORT TEAM - With more than 20 years of experience in the water testing industry, our devoted team of EPA water quality experts are ready to offer timely and informative responses based on your needs. Your question is just one click away from a live team member.
  • 💧 SUPPORTS NON-PROFIT CHARITY - Each sale sponsors clean water for someone in the Central African Republic for a year. Support worldwide change while monitoring your water hardness. #WaterForGood #CleanWaterWorldwide
Bestseller No. 2
JNW Direct Water Total Hardness Test Strips,...
  • CHECK YOUR WATER SOFTENER! Quickly and easily test to see if your water softener is working as efficiently as expected or if it was set up properly. Also keep tabs on your water conditioning and reverse osmosis systems
  • PLEASE NOTE - The color of the test reagent will only change if it detects water hardness. If your strip color does not change (and matches close to the zero after testing) then your water is soft
  • 150 STRIPS MEANS 150 TESTS - Each water hardness test strip provides accurate and fast results for all water sources including home faucets & taps, well water, water softeners, dishwashers, showers, fresh and salt water pools, spas, hot tubs, drinking water, aquariums and many more
  • EXTREMELY FAST & EASY TO USE, WITH EASY TO READ COLORS. Instant reliable results with simple and clear instructions. Simply dip and compare with large color chart on bottle.
  • IMPROVE YOUR WATER SUPPLY. Do you have soft or hard water? The right levels can mean cloth diapers and towels come out of the laundry soft and comfortable and many other benefits. Also a must for RV’ers with portable water softeners
Bestseller No. 3
Pro Water Hardness Test Kit - Quick and Easy...
  • ✅ EASY TO READ COLOR CHART - From red to green, the large color chart makes distinguishing your test results effortless. The total hardness is measured in both 0-25 GPG and 0-425 PPM, making it a perfect tool to calibrate your water softener or simply check the water hardness.
  • ✅ QUICK AND ACCURATE - Save time and get the test results within seconds. No need to visit a hardware store or wait for someone else to check the quality of your water. The reliable and consistent accuracy of these test strips provide a simple and convenient way to measure water hardness.
  • ✅ EASY TO USE - Simple and clear instructions make these hassle-free test strips super easy to use. You don’t need to mess with a complicated test kit to reliably check the hardness of your water. Simply dip the strip into the water and compare it with a large color chart on the bottle.
  • ✅ EXCELLENT VALUE - 50 high-quality test strips provide a cost-effective way to regularly test your water softener, aquarium, pool and spa water. Even better, the unused strips remain airtight and dry for future use, allowing you to carry out measurements up to 10 months after initial use.
  • ✅ DEDICATED TEAM OF EXPERTS - You can always count on our team of EPA experts, with more than 30 years of expertise in the water quality industry. That’s why we are single-mindedly devoted to helping you with any questions you may have about water quality testing or the test strips.
SaleBestseller No. 4
Water Hardness Test Strips | 150 Strips for...
  • KNOW YOUR WATER HARDNESS: About 85% American households have hard water supplies. Test the hardness of your water and get instant result in less a minute using our water test strip
  • ACURATE AND FAST RESULTS - CE certified water test kit to give accurate results within seconds, saving you time, and comes with an easy to read color chart, for your convenience
  • EASY TO USE: Simply dip the test strip in water and compare with color chart for instant and reliable results, no complex water hardness test
  • SHELF LIFE – 150 testing strips packed in one bottle and two separate bags; strips in an open package need to be used within 3 months, so you can test your water quality at regular intervals and don't have to rush using all 150 strips
  • MULTIPLE USES – Can be used to test your water softener, drinking, tap and well water, and for any other purposes in which water is used, such as water in your RV, dishwasher and pool
Bestseller No. 5
Hach 2745250 Total Hardness Test Strips,...
  • Hardness increases soap consumption in laundries and causes scale in boilers
  • 0 - 425 ppm
  • 0 - 25 gpg
  • Contains 50 Strips
SaleBestseller No. 6
Hach 145300 Total Hardness Test Kit, Model...
  • Water hardness is caused almost entirely by calcium and magnesium ions
  • Hardness increases soap consumption
  • Hardness test kits include the inexpensive Models 5-B and 5-EP
  • Country of origin: China
Bestseller No. 7
Drinking Water Test Kit for Home Tap and Well...
  • ✅ A SIMPLE, ACCURATE AND LOW-COST WAY to screen your water for the presence of potentially harmful contaminants.
  • ✅ MADE IN THE USA IN LINE WITH OFFICIAL EPA LIMITS - Compare your results with EPA-approved guidelines for drinking water quality. Don't rely on Chinese-made "bulk" strip kits, these are often merely wastewater tests with unapproved and unsafe Lead, Iron, and Copper readings.
  • ✅ COMPREHENSIVE TESTING FOR PEACE OF MIND - Not only does this test kit detect even the smallest amounts of Lead and Copper, it also tests for Bacteria and other crucial water quality parameters. Having unbalanced levels of Chlorine, Hardness, pH, Alkalinity, Nitrate or Nitrite can indicate serious issues.
  • ✅ NO SCIENCE DEGREE AND NO MAILING REQUIRED - This home water-testing kit is simple enough for anyone to use with zero expertise or equipment. Get your results quickly and easily - whether it’s from a tap, well, municipal, or spring. Just follow the included step-by-step instructions.
  • ✅ HUNDREDS OF DOLLARS SAVED ON LAB TESTS - Let’s be honest, most of us don’t test every 6 months like recommended. Testing separately for every element at a laboratory would cost stupid amounts of money. This kit makes it possible to find out what’s in your water without breaking the bank.
Bestseller No. 8
BOSIKE 150 Water Hardness Test Strips for...
  • TEST WATER HARDNESS FOR YOUR POOL: The high level of total hardness in swimming pool will cause number of issues. Such as limescale build-up may affect the water pressure in your home and pool plumbing system. Also made the water in your pool,spa and hot tub not clear, even your hair and skin may appear dull or irritated.
  • WHY YOU SHOULD TEST pH: The pH level denotes how acidic or alkaline the water is.To saltwater aquariums, it is usually more acidic, which is good for coral reefs and marine life; To swimming pool & spa, acidic pool water can begin to corrode everything from pumps and other mechanical systems ; To drinking water, the expert recommends that municipal drinking water suppliers keep their water supply at a pH of 6.5 to 8.5.
  • HIGH QUALITY TEST KIT: No need to shake strip after dipping into water, each water test strip is made of high quality fiber paper that provides instant and reliable result for POOL, SPA,HOT BATH and DRINKING WATER.
  • EASY & CONVENIENT TO USE: Just one single dip in the water for 2 seconds and then remove it. Hold the strip horizontally for 15 seconds, compare with color chart on bottle to get accurate results. 100+50 strips are enough to test your pool ,spa,hot tub and other water.
  • KIND TIPS FOR LONG SHELF LIFE: Keep wet fingers away from the strips.Avoid touching or polluting the test area of strip. Store in a cool dry place.These test papers are packaged in a well-sealed bottle to ensure the strips store for 2 years.
Bestseller No. 9
EASYTEST Water Hardness Test Strips, Total...
  • PREMIUM WATER HARDNESS TEST KIT: Test strips are made of high-quality fiber paper, 120 Strips Pack Upgrade 0-425 ppm, Hard Water Quality Testing Strips for Water Softener Dishwasher,Avoid hard water stains in your kitchenware
  • YOUR HEALTH IS OUR TOP PRIORITY :EASYTEST water total hardness test strips with total care,keep tracking water hardness level. Test for calcium and magnesium presence in water, for softener, dishwasher, spa hardness, tap & well water, drinking water.
  • EASY TO USE HARD WATER TEST KIT: Dip strip in the water for 2 seconds, hold the strip horizontally for 15 seconds, Easy to Compare Color Chart, get the result in 30 seconds. Maintain the amount of hardness in the water by testing regularly.
  • EXTENDED SHELF LIFE: Total 120 strips in 3 separated sealed foil bags. The shelf life of the unopened product is 2 years, Keep your pool clear and scale-free, Enough test your pool, spa, hot tub, and other water Keep
  • EXPERT SUPPORT WITHIN 24 HOURS: if you need any assistance or have any questions regarding water hardness testing, we have experienced professionals to help you at any time.
Bestseller No. 10
Total Water Hardness Test Strips. Each Strip...
  • OUR PROMISE TO YOU. High quality Water Hardness Test Strips are very sensitive to the environment and changes to temperature. In the unlikely event your strips EVER stop working or turn gray please contact us and we'll send you a replacement bottle straight away. No ifs, no buts, just awesome customer service.
  • IS YOUR WATER SOFTENER WORKING? If you have a water softener installed, check its effectiveness quickly by taking a water sample and testing with the strips.
  • KEEP YOUR FISHES HAPPY. Some fishes need it soft, some need it hard, and some very hard. Maintain the amount of hardness in the water by testing regularly.
  • MAXIMIZE THE LIFESPAN OF APPLIANCES AND SAVE MONEY. Hard water leaves mineral build up in pipes and hastens corrosion. Ensure that soft water runs in your system by testing often. 125 strips goes a very long way.
  • CLEAN AND CLEAR GLASSES. Avoid hard water stains in your kitchenware by testing the water daily. Hard water also reduces the lather of soaps, making it less efficient.

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