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Robert Kurzban

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By Robert Kurzban

Robert Kurzban is an Associate Professor at the University of Pennsylvania and author of Why Everyone (Else) Is A Hypocrite. Follow him on Twitter: @rkurzban

Leave of Absence

Published 27 August, 2014

Dear Readers,

It is with sadness that I announce that I will be taking a leave of absence from this blog. I have very much enjoyed the last four years, including and especially reading your comments, but I find myself in need of a break. My hope is to resume after a year or so of leave, and I am working with the staff at Evolutionary Psychology, the online journal that hosts this blog, to find an interim replacement.

Thank you for your ideas, comments, and support over the last four years. Writing for this blog has been a highlight of my recent career, and I look forward to resuming when I can better afford the time at some point in the future.


Rob Kurzban

  • cbranch

    Very sorry to hear it – your posts are a highlight of my RSS feed! But have fun with your other activities – maybe writing another book? I look forward to any future posts whenever you’re able to resume.

    • rkurzban

      Thanks so much… no book-writing project just now, but plenty to keep me busy… thanks again… Rob

  • Steve Stewart-Williams


  • Willem

    Thanks Rob, for all your clear and thought-provoking posts.


  • Thom

    Let me join the others in expressing my sadness at this news – although I do entirely understand the need to take a break from a blog. I look forward to your return.

    I’m looking forward to hearing who the replacement will be. If she/he is even half as interesting, that will be great!

  • Adam L

    Looking forward to more in a year or so! Thanks for the fun so far!

  • http://bestgedclasses.com/ Alice B.Rades

    Really, what a pity. I actually recommend your blog to my students in GED classes, a few students really like it. I will add it as the reference here: http://bestgedclasses.com/online/

  • rorysutherland

    Am so sorry – but if it results in another book on the other hand….

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